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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Snow business


Snow in London is sufficiently infrequent to warrant mention. That's why when I woke up on Wednesday morning and found a blanket of snow on the ground I went out to take some pictures. It was all gone by 3 p.m.

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Blogger Ame said ... (09:21) : 

Oooooooooooooooooookaaaaaaaaaaaaay! That's just about enough of the white stuff Ham! Only blanket I'm interested in is the one I'm gonna sit on in Hyde Park...where I'll spread out my picnic lunch and take in the Spring-like London sights! What? You say I'm dreaming? Guess sooooo...California Dreaming that is! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...heading back over to Oahu's site...much warmer over THERE! Nice shot BTW, very Ansel Adamsy! =)


Blogger lynn said ... (10:47) : 

Fantastic shot! Gorgeous, looks very painterly.


Blogger lynn said ... (15:50) : 

Where is it actually, Ham? Your back garden? lol
oh.. you're going to say yes aren't you. Please don't. I'm down today, enough.


Anonymous NiC said ... (17:53) : 

Bizarely, thinking how close we are, it looks like you got quite a lot more than us!



Blogger les maudites said ... (19:40) : 

Whouaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Beautiful shot !
yesterday, I awaited the snow all the day. but nothing...


Blogger Kitten Heels said ... (19:56) : 

Wanstead flats? It almost looks like a Christmas postcard, all you need is Santa flying across the sky! Hmmm or something really halloweeny...

Really lovely Ham :-)


Blogger Kris said ... (20:29) : 

you caught a good one, ham!
our snow have the same fate, short lived


Blogger Ham said ... (21:27) : 

ame - it's ok, you can come back, all the white stuff is gone.

lynn, thanks, and Kittenheels is right it is Wanstead Flats (which is 100 yards from me) if I swung the camera through 45 degrees, you'd have canary wharf in frame, but I still haven't worked out how to turn that into the picture I want.

Nic - I got out there early ;-)

Les maudites -Ithink the snow is coming down to you!

Kitten Heels - what? do you think I was taking pictures for next year's Christmas cards ;-) ? Mind your ankle on the ice!!

Kris - you should be knee deep in snow where you are I thought!


Blogger lynn said ... (22:27) : 

Well it's gorgeous. I think it's one of your best pics and you say you nipped out there to do it. Often the best are the quickest aren't they (PHOTOGRAPHY!)


Blogger lynn said ... (22:42) : 

Have it made into christmas cards Ham. I'll buy some.


Blogger lynn said ... (22:42) : 

ah i mentioned the C word. Do i win? It's almost February for Christmas sake!?


Blogger Ame said ... (04:54) : 

YAAAAAAAAAAY! Iwas beginning to think I needed to bring my ARK! So here's my OFFICIAL invite...YOU BETTER COME MEET THE DP GANG when we're there on the 17th!

Think ya can make it? You HAVE to Ham! You're the CLOSEST! We're probably gonna stay at the Marriott "Marble Arch" ... think it's on George Street? Near Hyde Park? Sound right? Ever been there? Is it nice? Too many questions? LOL! ;)

You're the first one I "chatted" with (well, after Eric that is! LOL!) after I joined!

Pretty pleeeeeeeeeeeeease? ;) Won't take NO for an answer!


Blogger eve said ... (19:11) : 

Oh dear a veru un-London photo very pretty though :-)


Blogger Cristina said ... (03:10) : 

Looks like it's been frozen for hundreds of years. Great capture.


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