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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Just another shop....

The tattoo yesterday (and the comment thread on Mr Geezer) lead me inextricably here. Right next door to Radio Days (from a couple of weeks back) is this specialist shop. (*Warning the next link has adult content*). Honour cater for people who like lots of leather and spiky heels (amongst other things). I have to say (not being one for whom it holds too much interest) that some research I do for this blog is eye opening, but this is as much London as Westminster Cathedral. I had some difficulty choosing an appropriate pic but it was the cat that swung it (Mrs Slocomb, where are you?) - the shoe pic is here.

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Comments on "Just another shop...."


Blogger Michael said ... (07:28) : 

Ok, it's too easy to accuse you of actually having a frequent shoppers card here, so I'll just say that it was some good "investigative reporting". ;-)


Blogger breadchick said ... (07:50) : 

I am up very late/or early (2am) here in Cambridge, MA watching an early Christmas present, the entire "Are You Being Served" series on DVD, when you post came up on my reader. Mrs. Slocomb's hair is purple with a greenish hue in this episode, the one where she almost marries Mr. Humphries. Thanks for your sacrifice in the name of duty to LDP for finding only the finest shopping establishments in London. What would Young Mr. Grace ever say!


Blogger Jing said ... (09:53) : 

i like those shoes you showed..very nice red colours.



Blogger lynn said ... (12:39) : 

well whatever floats your boat i suppose...


Blogger Kitten Heels said ... (21:45) : 

You have a picture of shoes and yet you don't use it? I don't know...hehe great research Ham, I love your train of thought.


Blogger Kitten Heels said ... (21:48) : 

OK I just saw that cat (and I first looked at this hours ago) cute!

Sorry for double comment.


Blogger Ham said ... (15:13) : 

The things I do for you lot, eh? ;-)


Blogger Mandy said ... (20:51) : 

ooh la la


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