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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Are you tired? I'm not

When a man is tired of London,
he is tired of life;
for there is in London
all that life can afford.

Echoing Samuel Johnson, I arrive at the first anniversary of my blog. I think a picture of Mr Johnson, hanging in his house in Gough Square (now an excellent museum) is a fitting tribute. Check out some of his quotes, if you are not familiar with them, like "Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel". My original intention for today was to interview Robert Elms of BBC Radio London, as his daily program achieves the eclectic mix I aim for. Unfortunately he doesn’t answer his emails.

On a birthday, there are always presents, and today is no different. Here is my present to you all - the London Daily Photo screensaver. You can download the full version (86 photo10Mb), the medium version (45 photos, 5Mb) or the compact version (30 photos 3.5Mb) Enjoy! (NB - These are for Windows only. Save the fine to C:\Windows, then you will find it in your screensaver list)

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Comments on "Are you tired? I'm not"


Blogger Eric said ... (00:22) : 

Let me be the first to wish you a happy bloggaversary, Ham.

You have proved several times how generous you can be by helping out so many fellow DP bloggers; I want to thank you for that.

And congratulations on your LDP screensaver, it's a great idea.

I look forward to looking at your next 365 photos!


Blogger Bystander said ... (00:40) : 

Happy anniversary! Thank you for the great daily photo. It is very much appreciated. I check it every morning.


Anonymous Virginie said ... (01:13) : 

Happy anniversary ! I hope you will still be here for a second one. Thank you for the screensaver, it's really a great idea


Blogger breadchick said ... (01:24) : 

Happy anniversary Ham! I agree, when you tire of London you tire of life.
Looking forward to another year.


Blogger Kim said ... (01:37) : 

Happy, happy anniversary Ham! Your efforts here have brought me much entertainment, fellowship and information over this year. I really enjoy LDP. Congratulations on a wonderful year. I'm glad to hear you are not tired! You've been a wonderful support to us all in the CDPB community around the globe, so thanks for all that.
Dylan quotes Johnson in one of his songs: "They say that patriotism is the last refruge to which a scoundral clings. . ." then Dylan closes off the phrase by saying, "Steal a little and they throw you in jail, steal a lot and they make you KING." I've always loved those lyrics and didn't realize the source for part of them until your post.
Your blog is so well done, and I look forward to seeing more of your London in this coming year. Cheers!


Anonymous jing said ... (02:35) : 

Oh, happy aniversary!!!
Another brother of SHDP blog..:D
and thx for your great photos,let us know more about London from far distance.
and your great ideas about the screensaver, nice!!!
and i am looking for the coming 365 days and the second 365-day...
send flowers to Nice Ham



Blogger ems said ... (06:52) : 

Hope you checked out the Cheshire Cheese while you were in the vicinity! When I visited the Johnson house I was the only person there - it was a little spooky in a nice kind of way.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (07:05) : 

Happy Anniversary Ham! Amazing photo blog.Cant start the day without visiting this blog first. Looking forward to another year of cool photos and thoughtful comments on my favourite city.



Blogger Lisi said ... (07:45) : 

Ham, Happy anniversary, the much looked forward to anniversary is here!
Your birthday present coming up 6 pm HK time, lol, have fun and yes, thank you for helping us...even for shopping in London sometimes :-)


Anonymous Jackie said ... (09:05) : 

Happy Anniversary Ham.

Robert Elms's show is one thing I really really miss now I've left London. Too bad you didn't get to interview him, I'd have really enjoyed that.


Anonymous NiC said ... (11:15) : 

Happy blog day Ham. May there be many more. Have a linky present


Blogger Olivier said ... (11:20) : 

j'ai vu sur le blog de Hong Kong, que c'etait ton anniversaire de Blog. Felecitation, j'en profite pour visiter ton blog, Bravo.

I saw on the blog of HongKong, that it was your birthday of Blog. Felecitation, I benefit from it to visit your blog, Bravo.


Anonymous kris said ... (14:28) : 

so HAPPY for your 365th post, Ham! We all know its a real milestone to achieve this mark!


Blogger Mike said ... (14:30) : 

I can't believe it's only been a year, you have such a fan base, it would seem you have been around as long as the world wide web itself!

Well done Ham! Keep up the good work!


Anonymous lynn said ... (14:47) : 

Hi Ham at last i am able to get into the comment box (Blogger grr) but only by ticking the 'other' box and going that route. Anyway...!

Happy Anniversary! I am a newie on the blog scene but love yours; it reminds me of the London i know quite well and now miss and where i was born (still going through your backlog - i'm up to Oct.) The screensaver is such a gift! thanks.

Samuel Johnson ... sigh... such wisdom and humour.

I totally missed Two minutes Hate today, was it noticed? (shiver)
Happy Birthday London Daily Photo!


Anonymous lynn said ... (14:52) : 

I do sometimes get to London for work, which is great but you keep me going until such times with your shots. What are you doing this evening to celebrate then Ham? Whatever it is, be sure to post it tomorrow. We want to know! Unless... well keep it clean anyway. lol.


Anonymous Zsolt72 said ... (15:29) : 

happy birthday HAM for your blog:)


Blogger Gerald England said ... (16:27) : 

Happy anniversary


Blogger Lisi said ... (16:47) : 

Hi Ham, here's LDP birthday present :-)


Anonymous lynn said ... (16:49) : 

It's so annoying when potential interviewees don't return emails and calls isn't it so i thoroughly enjoyed the way you calmly illustrated what he's missed. Without interested parties such as you and me, these people in such positions wouldn't exist.


Anonymous Pamela said ... (16:59) : 

Happy anniversary Ham. Great choice for the day. Great wisdom - both yours and Johnson's.


Blogger Michael said ... (17:26) : 

Ahhh Ham! I can't believe it's ONLY been a year! You've been around about as long as Eric and the DP network wouldn't be the same without you.

CONGRATULATIONS on making it a year as I imagine it can sometimes be frustrating, tiring, and difficult to find the right photo to post each day. You have done a lot to keep this community alive, and for that, we the readers are grateful!

Hoping to celebrate year 2 with you in 2007!!


Blogger diamond geezer said ... (18:10) : 

Congratulations! If every picture paints a thousand words, then you've posted nearly half a million words since last year. Here's to half a million more.


Blogger JohnnyParsons said ... (18:11) : 

Happy Anniversary, Ham. I love your blogsite, your comments on other's sites, and I am eternally grateful for your help on starting my blog with the explicit directions you gave me. Picasa2 is wonderful! Thanks again, Johnny


Anonymous Blue Witch said ... (19:53) : 

Happy Blogday!

I can't believe it's only been a year though.


Blogger edwin s said ... (20:05) : 

Happy 1st Year Anniversary! I only wish I could enjoy your screensaver :)

Till next year!


Blogger Kitten Heels said ... (21:27) : 

Happy Blog-Aversary Ham!

Congratulations on doing so well! Not just for still being here but for having such a following and for making it onto the top 50 most infulential UK bloggers!

And the on top for just being great fun to visit every day.

Thank you for sharing.



Blogger Lachezar said ... (23:33) : 

Congratulation are in order.
Thank you for your dedication and persistence and for providing us with an enjoyable daily photo stop.

For many years and photos to come



Anonymous jazzy said ... (00:03) : 

Happy anniversary Ham!!


It's been fun, looking forward to many more interesting and fabulous photos to come.

Cheers =)


Blogger Jenny said ... (00:29) : 

Congratulations! And thanks for all you've done for all of us!


Blogger Ham said ... (00:47) : 

Wow. thaks very much, all. I really appreciate the feedback - it makes it worthwhile.

Unfortunately at the moment circumstances are such I have next to no time, so please excuse me for not answering more fully.


Anonymous anne said ... (04:55) : 

Happy birthday to your blog Ham! I'm sorry i'm a bit late...but better late than never right! Kudos to you!


Blogger Ben said ... (06:48) : 

Congratulations for one year universality.
Was it hard or was it passed so quickly? Keep going and bring a joy to others.


Anonymous lynn said ... (10:39) : 

We understand, Ham. Life is busy. Take more eargarettes is all i can say.


Anonymous karine said ... (10:51) : 

Ham I hope I'm not too late in congratulating you and again Happy Birthday to LDP!!!! Wish many more will come around :)


Anonymous Helen said ... (14:11) : 

Happy Unbirthday, Ham, as I am a day late.


Anonymous denton said ... (17:30) : 

Congratulations and keep them coming. Your an inspiration.


Blogger dutchie said ... (15:50) : 

Happy belated b-day Ham!


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