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Friday, October 20, 2006

Waiting for a Train

Work took me to Liverpool, so what could I do but whip out my camera? I love the romance of train stations. No matter how spiritless the station (and lord knows, we do spiritless stations in the UK) there is always a sense of change, new beginnings - moving on. This is Euston Station; the other picture I thought of posting is here.

On the subject, do you remember Flash and the Pan Waiting for a Train?

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Comments on "Waiting for a Train"


Blogger Eric said ... (00:35) : 

Well... Somebody had too much scones and pastry lately...


Blogger Gail's Man said ... (08:01) : 

Blondes have more bum!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:25) : 

She has a very big ass.


Blogger Keropok Man said ... (12:53) : 

the view of the picture and i wanted to laugh. naughty naughty Ham... good shot!


Blogger Brinley Hawkins said ... (14:31) : 

Showing her knickers, love handles and builders bum, well I never. Imaging that 5 years ago. Funny thing fashion.


Blogger Kitten Heels said ... (21:00) : 

iThat's just not right! you naughty naughty man with a camera!!

Did you pick her for the love handles to go with the romance of the stations?



Blogger JohnnyParsons said ... (22:01) : 

This gal believes in "letting it all hang out." So she did, ugh! She might be more attractive completely nude. It would let all the flubber flow gently. Lovehandles should be concealed rather than accentuated.


Anonymous Ham said ... (22:46) : 

I'm very disappointed in all of you. This is my daughter Laura and although she's had a few too many scones as Eric puts it, I still love her.

Okay, it's not really Ham here.


Anonymous Carolee said ... (07:22) : 

Never mind the love handles -- even before I read the title saying it was Euston, it felt deeply familiar. I spent a university year at UCL, lived just across Euston Road, and when I wanted to call home to the States, I had to save my 50p pieces for a couple of weeks, then take a heavy bag of them up to Euston, the only place I could find locally that would allow international pay phone calls! I'd lean against the ledge and shove my 50p pieces in as fast as I could. This story says so many things about the early 80s -- pound coins hadn't yet been released, the UK was in a VERY backward state for telecommunications, uni students were very very poor, mobiles might have existed but only for wealthy executives. I was very out of touch with my family in California for that year, and the few times I could afford to call them left a very strong impression on me -- which that photo brought back immediately, even before I realized which station it was. Thanks, Eric!


Blogger Kate said ... (13:24) : 

Okay, quit pickin' on her! She is a great model for our cultural excesses: food and clothing. She didn't invent the styles; too many people just follow them as they eat away.

I loved the linked picture of passengers staring up at the timetables. That is all too familiar.


Blogger Kitten Heels said ... (12:32) : 

You know Kate it's true its the curse of fashion but its nothing to do with what she eats, it's just the curse of hipsters that is shown off by the way she's sitting.

And there is nothing wrong with lovehandles!


Blogger Ham said ... (00:15) : 

Well well well. OK, yes I was deliberately cruel with this shot, but Kitten Heels is right - it's fashion, I wouldn't call her fat at all. she just had the despondance of the waiting traveller about her - she'd got to the place when she didn't really care what people think about the way she looked.

Carolee - we wre neighbours! (if a few years apart) I lived for a couple of years in Endsleigh Street, right by the NUS. The Post OFfice (Telecom) Tower was framed in my window. And yes, our phones were dreadful. Except they were so backward that (had you but known it, you could have phoned for free. My favourite and easiest trick was to book a call with the operator - and give them another phone box as your home number. Then, at the booked time, the operator would call YOU and put you through to anywhere in the world. After a while, they started putting a tone on phone box lines so they could be identified. If you ever wondered why payphones go beep when you call into them, that's why.


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