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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My ever changing moods

I know I've posted views on the Thames before, but I'd like to give you a sense of its ever changing moods - one of the reasons I love London so. As I was crossing the non-wobbly-bridge, this light illuminated the scene for seconds only - I had my camera ready and grabbed this. I'll show you a picture taken a minute later tomorrow.

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Comments on "My ever changing moods"


Blogger Josy said ... (00:39) : 

Ham, your photos are awesome! Loved the one today - the view of the Thames. We're coming for a visit in December and your blog has been great! Keep up the good work! Jo


Blogger Jenny said ... (04:12) : 

Reminds me of that classic Monet - really great shot!


Blogger Zsolt72 said ... (06:11) : 

wonderful reminds me too of Claude Monets paintings when he painted the London fog.


Blogger Michael said ... (06:35) : 

Ham, I think this might be one of your best photos. Glad you had your camera with you.


Blogger Vancouver Daily Photo said ... (06:45) : 

Wean never have too many photos of the Thames. Great shot!


Blogger ems said ... (06:50) : 

Love it!


Blogger Gail's Man said ... (08:01) : 

You can't beat a sunset for a great photo.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (13:50) : 

Nice reference to The Style Council


Blogger Eric said ... (14:12) : 

It's a great photo. Almost as nice as the Paris Enbankment ;))


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (14:55) : 

Hello new desktop picture.



Blogger JohnnyParsons said ... (15:25) : 

Ham, Thank you for teaching me how to blog. I love your photos too. Check out your student's work on "Johnnysarc". Let me know what you think. I still haven't found out how to move things around on my site.


Anonymous joy said ... (15:31) : 

Nice catch. Nature always gives us great opportunities. Key is being ready when opportunity knocks. You were ready! Thanks!


Blogger Carlos said ... (17:37) : 

Please do keep us up to date with those changing moods. The Thames captured by your camera comes alive.


Blogger Kitten Heels said ... (19:39) : 

It's beautiful Ham. Can't wait for tomorrow, but then what's new?

And in other are the legs after Monday?


Blogger Ham said ... (07:59) : 

Thanks for the responses, folks, it was one of those spectaular moments that happen from time to time. The tourists on the bridge were all excitedly snapping away, capturing a London memory for years to come.


Blogger metaphysicalmama said ... (05:56) : 

What a beautiful view of the Thames. You were in the right place at the right time. Lucky for us blog readers.


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